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 MY Modern Warfare 2 Review

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MY Modern Warfare 2 Review Empty
PostSubject: MY Modern Warfare 2 Review   MY Modern Warfare 2 Review EmptySun Nov 22, 2009 3:42 am

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!! Sub here again to tell you what I think of the highly praised and most anticipated game of 09. That's right modern Warfare 2!!! cheers

Ok so first off I am not going to lie, I was not looking forward to this game too much, due to the fact on how little sniper rifles there are. (flame me if you wish) as I am a hardcore sniper and rarely use another class. Also on how "noob" friendly Infinity Ward was making this game sound with Deathstreaks which is not a bad idea but i think unnecessary, I will get into detail in a bit. Any who on to the review! Ok so first popping the game into my Original sexy 60 gig launch ps3 <3 (yes be jealous), no sound or ps3 spiderman font. I still loathe sony for taking that out. There is no mandatory install to hardrive,at least no visible one. which is nice to save memory. And on a side note there is Call of Duty on the cd and case but smaller than usual and on the main menu COD can not be seen anywhere!!! Does this mean anything? I will leave that up to you to decide. Once you press start there are three modes to choose from: Spec ops,single player,and multiplayer. I chose single player to start my MW2 experience as i enjoy the story in my gaming more than anything. Without revealing to much, the SP is full of action little breaks, and the A.I. can kick your azz faster than Paquiao beat Cotto. Yes IW really bumped up the difficulty this time around. I played on veteran and wow it took me a while to beat I am not going to lie it was HARD! But i persevered and beat it with great satisfaction. But as for the hardest difficulty I think i wil pass lol. The story is full of surprises and reunions of certain characters and here is a tip always prepare for the worst and when you think you are prepared with weapons and ammo stock up even more! I am going to give SP and MP different scores I give the SP a 8/10.

On to Spec ops. Now this mode i really like! Spec ops is full of varied missions for you solo or with a buddy offline or online to finish. I do not want to spoil the mission for you guys but lets say a certain level is great for relieving stress if you hate vehicles Wink. These missions require communication between you and your partner to come out victorious. But there are a couple of missions that are races lets leave it at that. There is also some familiar places from cod4 that make cameos which is very nice to see! I will leave you too experience it first hand. I give spec ops mode a 9.5 out of 10.

Now on the creme de la creme! Multiplayer!!! Like i said earlier I was not looking foreword to MP. I knew i would already be used to playing MP due to cod4 but going 32-3 my FIRST match against level 30s+ Come on!! So already I was disappointed even more. What was worse though the Barret 50 Cal. was available from the start!! Wow seriously?! As soon as I could make my own class lvl 4 I believe I switched my sniper rifle to the Intervention,my favorite gun of the game and the only bolt-action rifle Sad Another HUGE disappointment. And only 4 snipers to choose from??!!! 'Mad' The weapons all feel unbalanced and unpolished with all the guns being WAY too accurate, even the light machine guns are super accurate. Another dropped ball. The perks are ok though, they are somewhat balanced and fun to mix and match. Most of the perks we know and love make a comeback. The deathstreaks however I do not like. While it is a good idea by giving an advantage to a player struggling, If you keep getting killed 4 times in row then go play something else! Anyways the gameplay is pretty good and unchanged from cod4 gameplay that we all love. Except for all the missles and helis and harriers and ac130s raining fire from above. That leads me to the airstrikes. In my opinion there are too many.(flame if you must) Give us 3 like last time or 4 at max. A good skilled player does not need this many airstrikes. I do love the care packages though! But overall imo this is a step down, a small step, but a step none-the-less,but not as fun or addicting as Cod4. I give MP of modern warfare 2 a 7 out of 10
Thanks ladies and gentlemen for taking time to read my review and keep on gaming!!!
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MY Modern Warfare 2 Review
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