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 God of War Collection

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God of War Collection Empty
PostSubject: God of War Collection   God of War Collection EmptyThu Nov 26, 2009 9:01 pm

Hey ladies and gents! Subzer0951 here again with my review of the the God of War Collection! Ok first let me tell you I am a HUGE fan of the GOW series,and pretty much a David Jaffe loyal fan! Any who on with the review. The case is very appealing to look at!It shows both games and info on both as well without making it look cluttered. Yes as you can tell I LOVE this game that much that I am reviewing the case! lol! 9.5/10

Now on to the the actual game haha. The menu is pretty straight forward. Choose God of War 1 or 2 and some extra videos that were included with the GOW2 game's initial release. Also you can play the videos from the xmb w/o starting up the game which is a very nice extra, and shows they care about making a great game or in this case upgrading a game we all love for the fans! Unlike some company who will remain anonymous *cough* Infinty Ward*cough*

But anyways when you first start up either game, it is noticeably smoother looking due to them upgrading the game to run in HD. The gameplay is untouched but has aged extremely well. The controls are responsive,don't feel sluggish what so ever. The story still gets me hooked after all these years. I cannot really explain the greatness of these games, you must experience it yourself! If you missed these great games the first time now is a perfect time to pick them up and if you have already no need to pick it up again unless you are a die-hard fan like me Very Happy! I give the GOW collection a perfect 10/10
Thanks for reading my review and keep on gaming ppl.

Always remember to stay Frosty ppl!

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God of War Collection
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