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 Resident Evil Series

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PostSubject: Resident Evil Series   Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:32 am

The Famous and bone chilling series of Resident Evil is the hallmark and prime example of the survival horror genre. Its signature trademark zombies and bone chilling grotesque abominations of science has had us trembling in fear for the past decade and a half, this series has evolved since its humble beginning. Since its creation by Shingi Mikami hired by capcom was intrigued by Alone in the dark and wanted to make a horror game. Not knowing what he created evolved into the household name that is recognizable everywhere Bio-hazard in japan and in America Resident Evil. This series has Multiple sequels and Side Stories that cleverly intertwine with each other almost seamlessly. I will REview lol get it "RE"view like RE resident evil ahh it wasn't funny -_- i thought i might get a few chuckles here and there oh well that was corny, I will review every resident evil game that i have played or have seen a full playthrough and can unbiasly judge it and tell you the score that we at PAG proud azteca gamers give it,
and if you want to see some of the gameplay of the games being reviewed i will post links to those games and walkthroughs to see for yourself and not take our word for it about the game. i will start in the stories chronological order starting with Resident Evil 0, then reviewing both the original Resident evil one and REmake lol again lil joke Resident Evil REmake if you dont know what REmake is, then going off to Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 then Resident Evil Code Veronica then Resident Evil 4 and finally Resident Evil 5. These are the main story Resident evil games in the franchises. Sadly i have not played Resident Evil Outbreak file 1 or 2 so i wont be reviewing those and the other Resident Evils that just have the name and have nothing to do with some of the story will not be included in this review of the series because we have not played it. I will also give you the back story of the resident evil franchise if your new the series or if you want some clarification on some parts of the story well I hope you enjoy these reviews and if you are new to the series i hope these reviews will help you in your view of this series,
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The Shorn One
The Shorn One

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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil Series   Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:48 am

Snoop you should post your youtube walkthroughs here too

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Resident Evil Series
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