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 Resident Evil Zero

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PostSubject: Resident Evil Zero   Resident Evil Zero EmptyFri Mar 19, 2010 10:45 pm

the first in the chronological story of Resident Evil is zero this is a prequel that was released November 10, 2001. it was one of the games that nintendo and capcom agreed on as the exclusives on the Nintendo gamecube but capcom broke that contract which will be explained later on. Resident Evil follows the rookie cop Rebecca Chambers from the Missing S.T.A.R.S(Special Tactical and Rescue Squad) Bravo team in Resident Evil one that alpha team was sent to find. Rebecca was the lone survivor of Bravo team. As Bravo team was sent to investigate the grizzly murders that happened in the Arklay mountains near Raccoon City, they found a transportation van, they found a document showing that a ex-marine named Billy Coen brutally murdered 23 innocent people and was being transported. Rebecca discovered a seemingly abandoned train called the Ecliptic Express. Upon entering the train Rebecca quickly discovers it is teeming with the undead, that were once the passengers of the train. As you progress through the train, you encounter Billy Coen, As Rebecca tries to arrest the convicted Billy, but billy tells her to work together, as every woman now days think that they can do it on their own Rebecca decides to go it solo. She encounters the first ever zombie leech creature that you will encounter a lot and i mean a lot later in the game. Terrified she gets covered by leeches as the human figure dissolves in front of her. Billy comes in to the rescue, there Rebecca realizes that the only way they will get out of this nightmare is by working together. The Trains suddenly moves and starts picking up speed. now its a race against time to stop the train from derailing. As you accomplish to get the emergency brakes to work, it doesnt not prevent the train from derailing and end up in the Umbrella training facility run by one of the Co-founders of Umbrella Dr James Marcus. As the story goes Dr Marcus has gone obsessed with his creation, he is interfering with the companies plans and is gunned down, but as he dies his pet leech in which he has injected the virus, it fuses with the body's DNA and slowly reanimates the memories and body of Dr Marcus. That is all for the story it is up to you to find out the rest, but in old fashion Resident evil you got to go through the mansion, solve puzzles and survive until you can get out. The unique thing about Resident Evil is the feature of co-op but not in the sense of two player co-op or online co-op. you can take control of both Rebecca and Billy and switch between them at will. This feature is used effectively through out the game as it is used to solve puzzles and each character has its own special attributes that the other character cant. For example Rebecca is the only one that can combine healing items and chemicals essential for survival and puzzle solving, but she takes more damage and is weaker, but for billy he can withstand more damage, move heavy objects but cannot mix herbs. Both characters have 6 slots for items. In this Resident Evil it eliminates the Standard inventory box that is found in almost every Resident evil except Resident Evil 4 and 5, you can leave any items on the floor and it will stay there indefinitely and you can come back and pick it up anytime during the game. The Controls in this game are just like the previous games except for the new features now that are not found in the old ps1, n64 versions of resident evil the quick 180 turns. The graphics in the game are amazing for its time. With prerendered environments seemingly blend and looks like Next Gen Graphics. the gamecube is an underrated system, but it was the most powerful hardware of that generation. This game truly shows the power of the Nintendo Gamecube and this game is mostly for background story nothing really strayed away from the Resident Evil Formula that we grew up to know and love, but a few tweaks here and there to improve the experience and it is for the better. This is a great game and if you are a true fan of the series you will enjoy this game and if you are just discovering the series it is a good
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Resident Evil Zero
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