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 GOW III Review

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PostSubject: GOW III Review   GOW III Review EmptyWed Mar 24, 2010 4:15 pm

Hey everyone Sub here again to give you my review of God Of War III!!! Let me tell you i was in great anticipation for this game! I had high hopes for it and I was not disappointed. As soon as you start up the disk a nice little intro plays. So as i started a new game i was kind of disappointed that it did not transition straight to the game as the previous installments but seeing the opening cut-scene i very quickly forgave it Smile It picks up right where number 2 left off . The titans are climbing up mount Olympus for the final showdown with Zeus. And the graphics are stunning!! The titans look amazing as do the Gods and Kratos himself. It really shows off the power of the PS3 and the hard work Santa Monica studios put towards the game and their fans really improving mostly everything unlike some company *cough*Infinity Ward*cough* Sorry I'm still upset at them as you can tell haha.

Any ways I do not want to give any spoilers for those who have not yet played the game and want to experience it themselves but i will give you all a little taste of the story. So i will try not to say any spoilers. I will say however right from the start you are in for a grand scale battle! I will not say who you fight but here is some advice, bring your rain coat and some carrots Razz The next area you explore, you are going to be in for one hell Wink of a ride. The environments are very very good, they really reflect the owners of the realms. You also get a new weapon pretty early and boy will it be useful throughout the whole game. The Boss for this area is .... well you are going to have to play and find out but i will say it is an epic battle, my favorite boss fight of the game due to how they implemented the environment to match the boss, you will see what i mean. Next up you meet another God, which Kratos surprisingly has no beef with but also seems apparent why he is "friendly" towards him.

And i will leave it at that something to pique your interest. I will now talk about the gameplay. It has not changed much as far as the controls are concerned but as for the weapons and the blades themselves there are many new moves. The blades are always welcome and are great to use, but the new weapons you obtain are extremely well thought out and make the game feel refreshed, each have there own attack styles and grapple moves, dodging also changes slightly with each weapon. Every weapon feels good to control no clunky controls,smooth animations, it does not feel awkward switching from one weapon to another. Overall the gameplay is as great if not better than the previous installments which is a hard task to accomplish.

Now for the graphics, although i honestly do not care for graphics i will say GOW III has some of the best graphics i have ever seen and with no load times what so ever throughout the whole yes WHOLE game is extremely great. Great job Santa Monica Studios!

Now for the story I absolutely loved the story, how they implemented all the Gods, their personalities, environments, enemies, it all just fit with the story telling. As for the story itself it is a great story, it does not go by too fast, it weaves out the story beautifully, I can't say much as I would be saying major spoilers. But it will keep you hooked till the very end!

And again I would like to thank Santa Monica Studios for this fantastic game!!

Stay Frosty People!
I give God Of War III a perfect 10/10

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GOW III Review
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