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 Dragon Ball Raging Blast Demo Review

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Dragon Ball Raging Blast Demo Review Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Ball Raging Blast Demo Review   Dragon Ball Raging Blast Demo Review EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 2:05 pm

hey guys I'm here to give you a review of the DBRB demo. Yes i know that the full game is almost here but I am very excited for this game! As many of you are aware of in this new installment of the DB franchise, they are going back to tenkaichi gameplay we know and love! Very Happy At first booting up the demo we are treated with Shenron flying in to the background to reveal the menu, awesome! We can only access versus mode which is disappointing but understandable. But I did wish we could at least go into options to change the controls, and I will get to that in a minute. As I went into the versus screen, I saw three fighters to choose from: Raditz, Piccolo, and of course Goku. I chose Goku as I am more accustomed to using him. As soon as the battle started I was confused lol! Due to the fact the controls are very different. You must move using the left analog stick and use the special moves with the right analog stick. Yea....hopefully we can change it to the original scheme of the third tenkaichi game. The animation however seems smoother, but still bad controls ruin the beauty. What really annoyed me was that you can not move around too much whilst dashing, it basically is up,down,left,or right, very basic. But overall it is a very good game and i can not wait to get my hands on the full game! I give this demo a 7/10, mostly due to the weird controls. Stay tuned for my full review very soon!!!

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Dragon Ball Raging Blast Demo Review
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